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You might be the head of a company that used to be small, and suddenly is not so small. You find yourself employing over 100 people, and you want a business card to make transactions less nail-biting. Small business cards don't really do much for you, but you haven't seen any ads on TV or online for anything that could help you. Rest assured that creditors make custom business credit cards for larger companies, but as they are rare, you don't hear too much about them.

These are just three possible examples of the dozens of business cards out there targeted to a specific business situation. Just as credit decision-makers want to select the card best suited to address their needs, card issuers are constantly creating new offers to smaller and smaller niche markets making the selection process increasingly more difficult.

Many of the cards for small businesses have a 0% introductory APR, for anywhere from six to fifteen months, which is quite a reasonable and affordable start. As far as large business cards go, their APRs are tough to nail into a cut and dry generality, as almost all of them are custom made. The good news is if you're fretting about which large business credit card to get, odds are you don't need to fret about a lot of other things involving money that the rest of us do.

How to Get a Copy of Your Credit Report

Getting a copy of your 3 in 1 credit report is simple. Furthermore, because reports are viewable online, there is no valid reason not to check your report at least once annually. Every city across the country has a local credit agency which will issue copies of your credit report from all three bureaus. However, if you prefer the convenience of the internet, there are various websites offering 3 in 1 reports for a small fee.

To obtain a copy of your personal reports, you must provide information such as name, address, social security number, etc. Once your information is verified, credit reports are either sent via email, or viewable from the website. Your entire credit history will show before your eyes.

Why Obtain Copies of a 3 in 1 Credit Report?

If you are hoping to improve your credit rating, obtaining a 3 in 1 credit report should be the first step you take. This way, you know exactly what needs improving. The report will list all creditors, current balances, and account standing. Moreover, you should review your report for errors. If inaccuracies are present, contact the bureau and discuss clarifying the matter.

In addition, credit reports include a credit score. This 3 digit number carries a lot of weight. Low scores indicate bad credit, whereas high scores equal good credit. If the goal is to improve credit score, it may be wise to improve in certain areas. For example, avoid late or skipped payments, reduce debt to income ratio, settle collection accounts, and limit your number of credit inquiries.